PharmaTech Integrates 2023 Track 1


Defining and implementing the right digital and data strategies for Pharma’s future

Welcome and Fireside Chat 1

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dave Tudor | Managing Director | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Fireside Chat 1: Future Industry Challenges

– What are the future challenges facing the Pharma industry?
– What role will Digital Innovation play?

Speakers include:

Ian McCubbin | Chair | RoslinCT | Chair | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Ian Rees | Regulatory Affairs Consultant | DI REES Ltd
David Littlejohn | Special Advisor to the Principal | University of Strathclyde

Interviewed by:

Maureen Wedderburn | Non Executive Chair, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI

Session 1: Digital Integration and Differentiation – you do the maths!

How to effectively deliver integrated digital and data infrastructure and what difference that will make to advance pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality and compliance.


Chris Courtney | Chief Executive Officer | National Manufacturing Institute Scotland


Iain Crosley | Director of Intelligent Manufacturing | XpertRule

Jorge Costa | Life Sciences Industry Consultant | Emerson

John Mack | Head of Perceptive APC Product Unit | Applied Materials Pharma Group

Ben Caley | Product Manager, Digital Industries’ Connectivity and Cyber Security | Siemens

Steven Kenny | Chief Technology Officer | DTG

Session 2: Standardly unstandardised

Why is standardisation important, what are the barriers and why are memberships important to reduce the barrier?


Dave Berry | Grand Challenge Lead, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI


Nipun Sibal | Global Sales Pharma Manufacturing Lead | Amazon Web Services

Suryakant Pandey | Enterprise Architect | Atos

Patrick Hyett | Pharma Supply Chain Tech Digital Innovation Lead | GSK

Session 4: Supply Chain Reaction

The Pharma and Life Sciences sector is undergoing unprecedented change. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning operations have become progressive disruptors, being enabled by data as a catalyst. The operations landscape converges towards a highly integrated End-to-End value chain. Accordingly modularity, digital elevation, resilience and sustainability emerge as new ‘by-design’ criteria.


Scott Lawson | Partner | PwC


Rob Innes | Co-founder and Head of Life Sciences | Wyoming Interactive

Kevin Wright | Technical Director, Corporate QA- Industrial Microbiology | Procter & Gamble

Rebecca Street | Head of Digital Operations | RoslinCT

Dave Berry | Grand Challenge Lead, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI

Fireside Chat 2 and Closing Remarks

Fireside Chat 2: Transforming Drug Development

– Exploring Breakthrough Digital Technologies and System Thinking Approaches to Revolutionise Manufacturing and Supply

Speakers include:

Rebecca Vangenechten | Head Vertical Pharma Segment | Siemens

Chris Kopinski | Head of Strategy & Business Development HCLS/Manufacturing Industry Products | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Paul Hardy | Client Executive Partner | Atos

Interviewed by:

Dave Tudor | Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Biologics & Quality | CPI