Bio Integrates 2020 Track 1


The biotech sector is known for developing innovative treatments such as gene therapy, immunotherapy and drug delivery alternatives, but is this cost-effective? How can companies address the high cost of such technologies and get them to patients? Will biotechs have to think outside the box to secure funding in the future?

Welcome and opening remarks

Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

An Interview with Steve Bates and an interview with Sean Marett

Steve Bates, Chief Executive Officer, UK Bioindustry Association
Sean Marett, Chief Business & Commercial Officer, BioNTech
Interview conducted by Martino Picardo, Chairman, Discovery Park

It’s in the Genes

CRISPR technologies provide much needed cures, but at a very high cost. Can we maintain the UK’s momentum in gene therapy with technologies like viral vectors?


JONATHAN APPLEBY | Chief Scientific Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult)


DANIEL SMITH | Chief Scientific Officer & Industry Professor, School of Life Science | Cobra Biologics & University of Warwick
JESÚS ZURDO | Global Head Bioproduction | Horizon Discovery
MIKE SNOWDEN | Senior Vice President Discovery Sciences, Biopharmaceuticals R&D  | AstraZeneca
NATALIA NOVAC | Senior Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Corporate Business Development | Eli Lilly
ANNA PERDRIX ROSELL | Co-founder and Managing Director | Sixfold Bioscience

The body fights back

Can immunotherapy deliver on its promise?


ZAHID LATIF | Innovation Specialist, Life Sciences Organisation, International Trade & Investment Group | Department for International Trade


SHARON BROWNLOW | Chief Business Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
JAMES SPICER | Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine | King’s College London
MARK LEES | Vice President – Corporate Strategy and Operations  | Mestag Therapeutics
NEIL HAWKINS | Partner and Director, Visible Analytics | Professor of Health Technology Assessment, University of Glasgow
ALLAN JORDAN | Director of Oncology Drug Discovery | Sygnature Discovery

It’s all in the delivery

Tablets are still the preferred format for medicines, but alternative routes of delivery can offer significant patient benefits.


DARREN CLARK | Chief Executive | Medilink Midlands


SALLY WATERMAN | Chief Operating Officer | Medherant
CHRISTIAN JONES | Chief Commercial Officer | Nanoform
FAZ CHOWDHURY | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | Nemaura
PAUL STOTT | Chief Executive Officer | Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services
ROS HANNEN | Founder and CEO | Keratify

Bringing tech to treatment

Heralded as the future of healthcare, are we doing enough to get tech-enabled products to patients


GEOFF DAVISON | Chief Executive Officer | Bionow


GERALD LAW | Chief Executive | Innovation DB
NICOLA HERON | Head of Collaborative R&D | Medicines Discovery Catapult
EDDIE BLAIR | Chairman | Virokine Therapeutics
EUAN CAMERON | Chief Executive Officer & Founder | COHESION Medical
DETLEF BEHRENS | Managing Director | Bay Pharma

Show me the money!

Where is funding going to come from in the future?


TERESA LAVOIE | Principal | Fish & Richardson


JOE DE SOUSA | Senior Leader, Non-Exec Director and Independent Consultant | Melhor Consulting
KEVIN COX | Chair | ValiRx
FLIC GABBAY | Managing Partner | tranScrip
LAURA ITZHAKI | Chief Scientific Officer  | PolyProx Therapeutics
CLARE TERLOUW | Head of Ventures | LifeArc