Pharma Integrates 2020 Track 2


With the ever increasing focus on personalised medicines, what strategies are we putting in place to ensure new drugs hit the 5Rs? Are we maximising clinical data? What does this mean for rare diseases?

Welcome and opening remarks

TREVOR JONES CBE | Director | Arix Bioscience plc and e-Therapeutics plc
RICHARD TORBETT | Chief Executive Officer | ABPI

Be patient

Accessing and stratifying patient groups for clinical trials and maximising clinical data. Engaging patients to become drivers of their own healthcare.


EMMA PALMER FOSTER | Healthcare Consultant, Corporate & Financial Strategy | IR | Communications | EJ Palmer Consulting


JOYDEEP SARKAR | Chief Analytics Officer | Holmusk
ANDREW CARMODY | Chief Executive Officer  | The Health Data Exchange
STEVE FORD | Chief Executive | Parkinson’s UK
JOHN DRAKENBERG RENANDER | Co-founder & CEO | Alex Therapeutics

Brave New World

What are we doing differently now that’s better than before? What do we foresee might be future benefits of new ways of working?


TINA FLATAU | Chief Executive Officer | Biopharma Projects


FLIC GABBAY | Managing Partner | tranScrip
DAVID HAWKINS | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Remedium Capital
HELEN BARKER | Head of Pharmaceutical Development | Reneo Pharma
SEAN BREEN | Head Public Private Partnerships and Science Policy | Takeda
GRAHAM WYLIE | Chief Executive Officer | MRN

And breathe..

Respiratory diseases remain a key target for pharma companies. Are we maximising our assets and this as a drug delivery route?


MARK DUMAN | Chief Patient Officer | MD Healthcare Consultants


MARK MILTON-EDWARDS | Head of Health Solutions – Digital Health  | TEVA Pharmaceuticals
GERALDINE VENTHOYE | Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President – Product Development | Vectura
DOMINIC BRITTAIN | Senior Global Program Head, Respiratory Development Unit | Novartis
KAY BOYCOTT | Chief Executive Officer | Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation

Patenting in a pandemic: How can you make your IP future-proof and flexible?

The world of healthcare has changed enormously in the last 12 months. Many companies aren’t letting a crisis go to waste – they are repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19 and rushing to protect potential IP. Others haven’t been so fortunate – lockdown has prevented them from generating the data needed to secure patents.

Building flexibility into your patent portfolio is more important now than ever. Through case studies, we will discuss:

  • Options for securing effective IP on repurposed drugs.
  • Tips for speeding up and slowing down prosecution.
  • Powers that Governments have to use patented drugs and the enforcement of IP rights for Covid vaccines and treatments.
  • Securing IP for Covid-related inventions: the balance between patenting for profit and philanthropy.


AMANDA SIMONS | Partner, Patent Attorney | J A Kemp LLP
GRAHAM LEWIS | Partner, Patent Attorney | J A Kemp LLP

How do you like your therapy area? Rare

The rare disease area has seen a steady increase in awareness, and in the number of drugs being developed. In this panel, we will discuss the unique challenges in developing treatments for rare diseases, and how we can overcome them.


RON JORTNER | Managing Director & Trustee | Masthead Biosciences & Cambridge Rare Disease Network


PATRICK SHORT | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer | Sano Genetics
VANESSA LEMARIE | Lead, Rare Disease Initiative | Ada Health
STEVE ANDERSON | Chief Scientific Officer | Covance
NICK SIREAU | Chair and Chief Executive Officer | AKU Society
JOHN McDERMOTT | Executive Drug Development Consultant | Quotient Sciences

Virtual Drinks Reception

 Sponsored By: Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI